Code-It-Out 2019

The Code it out competition was organised by the ACM Team held on 17th July 2019. Sean D'cruz, ACM Chairperson welcomed the students and explained the rules of the competition.

The purpose of the competition was to create a competitive environment and show the students the basis of a coding competition. Through this competition the selected students will be given an opportunity of being a member of the ACM Technical Team for the year 2019-20. Every participant was given a separate PC with the proper setup(i.e. browser, compiler and text editor). They were seated in alternate PCs and were deprived of internet access to avoid malpractices. The questions of the competition were compiled and posted on HackerRank, a website used to host coding competitions.

A total of 09 students were able to solve at least one problem out of the 4 given problems with the highest no. of problems solved being 4. The competition was a good learning experience for the students. A total of 21 students attended the workshop.


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