Domain DNS and Web Hosting Workshop

The first technical workshop to be held in the year 2020 was decided to be of ‘Domain DNS and Web Hosting’. Mr. Nobel Mavely headed the event.

Mr. Nobel Mavely is currently the Co-founder and Head of product at QuezX.com and has an experience over 5+ years in the industry of product technology. There was a total of 85-90 registrations. The time for the same was decided to be 4 PM and the medium of teaching as ZOOM conference video call.

The workshop started off with Amiya Sir welcoming everyone. A total of 55+ students attended the session. Mr. Noble gave a basic overview about Domains and DNS. After which he also gave a live demonstration as to how to host a website online. A question and answer round was put up and the doubts were clarified. The workshop spanned for a time of 2 hour 15 minutes.

The workshop ended with Sana ma'am giving a vote of thanks.


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