Flash Workshop

In order to strengthen the designing and animation skills of our students, a Flash Workshop was scheduled on 30th July 2020. Mr. Hariharan Iyer was selected as the mentor for this workshop due to his Designing skills.

The workshop started of with Mrs. Mayura beginning of with a small message. Grejo Joby then tool over the platform and Introduced the basic things related to Flash, its history in the animation field and the ups and downs its facing. He ended with clearing out the question which was in a sense in everyone’s mind ‘Why to learn Flash when there are better softwares?’

Once the students were accustomed to knowing about Flash and its advantages Mr. Hariharan took the lead and started of with the Practical session. In the beginning he went over the basic tools and functions of Flash. As he advanced in the topic, methods such as animation effect, motion effects, shape effects, motion twins,etc were taught to the student. Once everyone had a idea on how to proceed in a animation world, Mr. Hariharan gave a example of one of his projects. A doubt session was put up for all those who had a questions to ask of.

Mrs. Mayura ended the workshop asking for a feedback for the workshop and a message.


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