For the second technical workshop during the national epidemic of COVID-19, Illustrator Workshop was decided to be conducted on 25th June, 2020. It was decided on the basis of votes which was taken from the students of our college.

Slade Ferrao and Hariharan Iyer (both former SE COMPS students) were leading the session. The event was hosted by Athira followed by a brief introduction on what was going to be taught in the workshop by Hariharan. The first phase after the introduction was conducted by Slade about the most basic tools, colors and patterns in illustrator. Once that was completed Hariharan went thru with the procedure of logo designing. Four different logos were made and the procedure shown for complete understanding of the process by Hariharan.

The logo drawings used in the illustrator was made by Sneha Satish (former SE COMPS students). The workshop ended with a vote of thanks by Athira.


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