IV – Godrej and Boyce

A one day industrial visit to Godrej and Boyce Ltd., Vikhroli was conducted on 27 October, 2012. This IV was a part of the workshop on training in Non- destructive Testing held by ACM Student Chapter. 15 students of Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Kurla (SE Mechanical) were present for the IV. The students accompanied by Mr. Abhishek Vichare (Staff In charge) assembled outside Gate 4 of Godrej and Boyce Ltd. At 10am.  After being issued the entry passes, we headed over to Plant no.15. We were received by Miss. Nalini following which there was a 20 minute presentation at the training centre in the plant. This presentation gave us a brief idea of the company’s history and its various manufacturing branches. After the presentation there was a short talk by Mr. Milind on the various equipments manufactured in Godrej which included heat exchangers, columns and reactors.

We were informed about the necessary safety precautions required when we would be in the plant. Each one of us was handed a helmet and were asked to wear closed pair of shoes for safety reasons. Following this, we were taken to the store at 11:40 am accompanied by Mr. Milind and other faculty members. We were informed about the various processes that take place in manufacturing. The entire shop is divided into various sections. The first section is the store. This is where the segregation of materials, marking and cutting take place. The second section is the SPD (Shell Processing Dept.) where shells of varying diameters are prepared using rollers. The SPD is further divided into two sections viz. Assembly 1 & Assembly 2. All the heat exchangers are manufactured in Assembly 1 whereas manufacturing of all reactors takes place in Assembly 2. We were also shown machines such as the water jet cutting machine, rollers, hydraulic press, etc. There were demonstrations conducted on two main NDT processes namely Magnetic particle testing and Ultrasonic testing. The process of radiography was also explained in detail. This session continued for an hour and we returned to the training center after which there was a query session. The students put forward all their queries which were immediately solved by the industry persons. Following this, we were directed to the company canteen for lunch.

This IV was a very good experience for us. It has given us a lot of exposure and broadened our perspectives in NDT and various other areas. Also, it has given us the opportunity to learn and know about many topics which we were unaware of. This IV will surely play an important role in our future when we specialize in our fields.

Reported by,

Joanna Joy

(SE Mech)


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