IV – Volkswagen & Sidel

ACM DBIT conducted an IV for the students of DBIT to Volkswagen and Sidel on Monday, 30th Jan,2012. The purpose of the Industrial visit was to give the students a firsthand visual and an exposure and of the working process of these great firms. The IV consisted of a total of 80 people (a mix of all branches), 76 student members accompanied by four faculty members namely Mr Imran Mirza, Mr Abhishek Vichare, Mrs Sunandha and Ms Swati Rajendra.

The journey started at the DBIT campus at 6.30am and we reached our destination by 11am. The first halt was at Sidel Group Pvt Ltd. where the students were greeted by HR Manger Mr.Shashikant and the production manager Mr.Adil.

Sidel is under Tetrapack, a leading industry in the manufacturing of plastic packaging materials for various products ranging from medicines, water, softdrinks etc. They have a manpower of only 100 employees while the turnover of the company in the 2008-09 was a whopping 66 crores, thanks to its fully automated functioning. A presentation was shown, showing the various methods that the company employs for production of approximately 3900 bottles per hour. The students were taken round the entire plant to have a look at the actual working of the company.


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