Java Applet Workshop

The Applet Workshop was organized by the ACM Technical Team and held on 30th August 2018.

The purpose of this workshop was to introduce the students to Java Applets. The students were given PCs with proper setup i.e. (Java Compiler, text editor).

The students where first shown a complete Applet to give them an idea of what they were going to learn to implement. The students where then taken step by step through the coding process until the complete Applet was reached. In each step a few new lines of code was added and its meaning was explained to the students. The students were then asked to compile the code and see what output adding those lines of code produced. The students where then shown and explained how to implement a few more components which were not part of the initial Applet.

At the end of the workshop the students where shown a few Mini-Projects which the previous SE students had implemented to give them an idea of what all could be done using Applets. It was a good learning opportunity for the SEs and the knowledge gained during the workshop will definitely be helpful to them when doing when making there Java Mini-Projects.


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