MongoDB Workshop

The MongoDB workshop was conducted by ACM for the students of T.E Comps on 07th September 2018.

Prior to the workshop MongoDB was installed by the volunteers in the PCs present at the computer centre to ensure smooth functioning on the day of the workshop.

The workshop was conducted by Jaffrey Joy and Glady Thomas. The workshop started with Glady Thomas introducing MongoDB to the students. She listed the various pros and cons of using MongoDB and also about the current usage of MongoDB and why it is essential to know how it works.

The various operations which can be performed on a database were demonstrated by Jaffrey Joy. He demonstrated instructions such as CREATE, READ, DELETE, UPDATE and instructed students to try the same on their computers.

This workshop aimed to provide an opportunity to students to connect the theoretical knowledge of DBMS with a practical application of MongoDB as well as giving the student an opportunity to level up their software development skills.


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