Photoshop Workshop

The Photoshop Workshop was organized by ACM and held on 24th August 2018.

The purpose of the workshop was to impart knowledge of Photoshop to the FEs who are interested in Photoshop who could  join the ACM Design Team and use the knowledge learnt to create posters for various events held throughout the year.

The workshop was taken by the current ACM Design Team. It was divided into 2 sessions. The first session focused on the various tools used in Photoshop and their purpose. The second session on the other hand saw how a poster was made from scratch.

In the first session, the use of various Photoshop tools and how they are unique were demonstrated. Efforts were made to demonstrate the process in such a way that it would be easy to comprehend.

The second session focused on making a poster. A poster was made using the bottom up approach in which all the layers and their functionalities were explained in explicit detail.


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