Photoshop Workshop 2019

The workshop for training the design team was organised by ACM and held on 24th July 2019. The purpose of the workshop was to teach the students, the basics of Photoshop and everything required to make simple edits to a picture and in the end learn how to make a poster.

At the end of this workshop a test was conducted where the students were given a task.

And on completion of that task, judged by their ability. They were given an opportunity to sit for an interview which in turn would get them a spot in the ACM Design Team.

The workshop was taken by the heads of the ACM design team. It was divided into 3 sessions. The first session focused on the various tools used in Photoshop and their purpose. The second session on the other hand saw how a poster was made from scratch. The third session was the test for the students to join the design team.

In the first session, the use of various Photoshop tools and how they are unique were demonstrated. Efforts were made to demonstrate the process in such a way that it would be easy to comprehend. The second session focused on making a poster. A poster was made using the bottom up approach in which all the layers and their functionalities were explained in detail.


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