Refractus 2013

REFRACTUS 2013- Iridescence of Ideas

Refractus 2013- An Iridescence of Ideas’ had the same motto. Knowledge is Power and so is an Idea. An Idea can bring about a drastic change in the lives of the people around us. An Idea – big or small, doesn’t really matter. What really matters is the courage, power and dedication to bring those ideas to life.

Refractus 2013 helped young individuals to explore the world of Ideation and bring them to life. This event was full of knowledge, enthusiasm, experience, entrepreneurship and passion. No DBIT’ian remained untouched by its festive mood. Students from the second, third and final year participated in this event to their fullest. We were privileged to have guests from Edith Cowan University, Australia who joined in and made Refractus very special.

Refractus was a four day event conducted by the Department of Computer Engineering of Don Bosco Institute of Technology. Day 1 revolved around the word “Research and Development “. Five groups of students from the final year of the Computer Department presented their incredible ideas to the professor from ECU, Dr. Leisa Armstrong, Mrs. Sangeet Zope – Professor of IIT Bombay and all other students and staff of DBIT. A poster competition was also organised and the entries were evaluated by Mrs. Sangeet Zope – Professor of IIT Bombay and Dr. Leisa Armstrong from ECU Australia and the best entry was awarded. It was an honour to have them at DBIT. Day 2 focused on the cultural exchange between students across borders, beyond linguistic and cultural barriers. ECU students found it amazing to experience the Indian methodology of teaching. Students were given free time to interact with each other and understand each other’s lifestyle.

On the 3rd Day ECU students had an exchange with the IT Department students. IT students welcomed them warmly and established a comfortable rapport with them in no time. On the 4th Day ‘Refractus – 2013’ was concluded. DBIT organized a summit that focused on whether entrepreneurship should be taught in class to help students grow. The panel consisted of entrepreneurs who constantly shared their experiences, success and failures, ups and down. Their teachings encouraged the young minds of DBIT to do something ‘Out of the Box’. The event concluded with Fr. Adolph giving a token of gratitude to all the members of the panel. Also looking at the joy and enthusiasm of the students Fr. Adolph decided to launch an entrepreneurship cell for the students, so that they can bring their ideas to life.


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