Refractus 2014

Humankind has come a long way. Ideas are what brought us here. Ideas will lead us forward. Most revolutions we see around as began as small ideas that everyone else thought were outrageous. But they all had one thing in common, one critical factor – Someone who believed in the idea, and had the courage to see it through. As aspiring engineers, we are all longing to get that one brilliant idea that will transform our lives, and that of others. In the common interest of sharing good ideas, and nurturing them, the department of Computer Engineering hosted Refractus – an iridescence of ideas. Refractus was hwost to Dr. Leisa Armstrong, and her group of 5 students from Edith Cowen University, Australia.

At 10 AM on a crisp Wednesday morning, an enthusiastic crowd gathered to witness the showcase of ideas at the Fr. Santino Mondini Hall. To set things off, Dr. Leisa Armstrong began by giving a presentation on her project – Smart Agriculture. She highlighted how the use of data collection and analysis to make efficient management decisions in agriculture, helps optimally manage resources. She showcased a Geo Portal created by her students at ECU, and also praised GeoSense, an Indo-Japanese venture that our very own Dr. Amiya Kumar Tripathy was a part of, which studied how variations in climatic conditions affected pests.

After she set the stage, our BE students took over, presenting the following final year projects:


•Dynamic Load Balancing in Cloud Computing

•Surge Analysis of a Pumping Water Supply main

•Automated Gardening System

•Homeopathic Diagnostic System

To judge these projects and give valuable inputs, we had Dr Satish Devane, the former principal of RAIT College, Ms. Usha Iyer, from IBM and Dr. Leisa Armstrong, ECU. The judges kept the students on their toes, by firing question at them. The audience too, seemed impressed by the ideas that the BE students have been working on, and bombarded them with questions about their projects. After the students of DBIT were done, the ECU students told us about themselves, and what they are working on. They also spoke about their experience in India, and about the difference in the way of life, culture and people between India and Australia.

Apart from the 5 main project presentations, there were other BE projects showcased in the form of posters, along the edges of the hall. At the end of the day, Refractus 2014 had succeeded in sending a message to everyone present. “Believe in your ideas. Believe in yourself. And finally, think big.”