Resume Making Workshop

The Resume Making Workshop was organized by ACM and held on 20th August 2018.

The purpose of the workshop was to help the students to make their own CV and Resume and also provide them with an idea of how to convert their Resume to a successful Job opportunity.

The workshop was taken by Mr. Cherag Bachhawat, founder & CEO of cvDragon. It was divided into 2 sessions. The first session focused on the tips & tricks for resume creation. The second session on the other hand explored the importance of LinkedIn in a professional’s career, regardless of their age, experience and domain.

In the first session, Mr. Cherag presented the perspectives of both the sides : Employer & Employee. He allowed the students to see how, even the most minute changes made to the Resume, affect the overall thought process of a Recruiter. He also introduced the students to cvDragon. cvDragon is an online platform that helps a person to create his/her resume quickly and professionally. Students were allowed to use the internet and make use of this tool to create their very own resume.

In the second session, he taught the students how to utilize LinkedIn as a tool to expand their professional network. Not only would it help them secure their jobs, but also with their higher studies.

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