Sound Engineering Workshop

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The workshop was conducted by Mr Wayne Fernandes, the software used in this workshop was Wavepad. The purpose of this workshop was to give a hands on practise for mixing songs and basics of Djing.

The Workshop started with an introduction on sound engineering, the need of sound engineering, and the scope of sound engineering. Secondly, the basics of Wavepad like trim a part, split, etc., was explained. And also how to remove the noise disturbance and increase the quality of music. Then the basics of how to make EDM was introduced using loops and gain. After that all the effects and features of Wavepad was explained like changing the pitch, omitting the vocals etc. Later he gave the students a few moments to experiment these features of wavepad. Then he went forward and explained how to mix two or more songs, starting with the difference between virtual dj and wavepad applications. Then a small task was given to the students to use all the features and edit and mix songs.

A total of 13 students attended the workshop and this workshop was a good experience for the students and gave a good learning opportunity about sound engineering.


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