Teknack 2014

As the clock struck the midnight hour on 15th February, 2014, the journey “Around the world” began with just a click. ACM-DBIT has added yet another feather on its cap by triumphantly organizing Teknack’14, the Annual Online Inter College Technical Festival of DBIT which was attended by a plethora of zealous participants not only from Mumbai but also from different parts of the globe.

The event was held on 15th and 16th February, 2014. Teknack’14 has been contrived by global thinking, designing geniuses’, creativity and inventiveness, empowering students to exhibit their latent skills and talents in the field of technical and creative innovation. The events were designed to utilize and enhance the analytical and computing skills of the students to their maximum potential. The distinctive variety in the events ensured that there is something for every participant that not only boosted their confidence their own abilities but also proved to be fun.

Teknack’14 was based on the theme of –“Around the World!” and the working plan for the same started in late September, 2013 where a lot of ideas for the events and their implementation started started being put together. Accordingly various departments like events, technical and publicity were decided and allotted and finalized. Each event for Teknack was from mid-December, 2013 the technical work of development of events started in full swing. There was a simultaneous development of posters for the events happening at the same time. The home page was very ostentatious, where the waves in the background moved continuously and the screen moved according to the mouse position. It also had a different appearance during the day and at night. The website had different pages for the list of events and sponsors. A unique registration code was provided to the participants and they had to register themselves on the website and choose a username and password of their choice.

The events included Chain Reaction, Logo Designing, Mug Shots, Acoustica, Camouflage, Virtual Stock Market, Text Adventure and Informals to name a few. Teknack’14 received an active support and encouragement from its sponsors which included KIC education (Title Sponsor), Spykar clothing (Style Sponsor) and Buckaroo (Associative Sponsor).

Teknack’14 primarily focused not only on developing logical thinking but also on social awareness such as “Cyber Safety”. With the help of DBIT NSS group, Teknack’14 had a section which displayed poster portraying awareness against cyber security and bullying.

The flex banners and posters of the Teknack’14 were sent to number of Engineering, Management, Diploma and Junior colleges along with few schools spread all over Mumbai. As it was an online fest, students were given the freedom to participate in Teknack’14 whilst enjoying the convenience of their homes. All the events witnessed a very large and enthusiastic participation from various colleges and schools around the city including Don Bosco Institute of Technology, St. Andrews College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Viyalankar Polytechnic, St. Dominic Savio High School to name a few.

Teknack’14 has been the most successful till date whether it’s with respect to its sponsors or the number of participants who enthusiastically took part in the event.Teknack’14 had a total of 2218 visits with 934 unique visitors. 63.7% of the visitors returned to the website showing rising enthusiasm and interest. An average participants spent 31.33 minutes on the website once logged in, showing our retention rate.

Teknack concluded triumphantly, with a promise of bringing an even bigger and better version of itself with Teknack 2015 !


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