Unity Workshop

The Unity Workshop was organized by the ACM and held on 25th September 2018.

The workshop was taken by Srijan Ramavat (B.E. Computer Engineering). It was divided into 2 sessions. The first session focused on the 2D game development and Canvas understanding. The second session was on developing a proper 3D android game with proper GameObjects, Scripts, Materials, Physics in virtual environment.

In the first session, Srijan presented how a basic 2D text manipulation game works with the key press. With this students understood the basic canvas nature suited for the android mobile window and how canvas works and introduced the students with the assets they can use for the development of Games in unity. Unity is a platform that provides its own assets to help users develop game at faster rate.

In the second session, he taught the students how to Develop a 3D zigzag game available at playstore as your own custom game. This will enable students to visualize more and more possibility of the Unity environment to develop the games.


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