Web Development Workshop

The HTML,CSS & JS workshop was conducted by ACM for the students of S.E and FE Comps, IT and EXTC on 29th September 2018.

Prior to the workshop Sublime Text was installed by the volunteers in the PCs present at the computer centre to ensure smooth functioning on the day of the workshop. The workshop was conducted by Raj Tiwary and Janhavi Patil. The workshop was divided into three parts, it started with Janhavi Patil introducing HTML to the students. She listed the various tags used in HTML and also demonstrated the working of those tags.

The 2nd part was taken by David Varghese & Atharva Deshmukh. They explained the need of using CSS, after which they went on to demonstrating and explaining the various tags and properties to the students, also the students were given time to experiment with both.

The 3rd part was taken by Raj Tiwary. He started out by explaining the basics of programming and the went on to explain the basic concepts of JS by demonstration. The students were given time to practice the basics. This workshop aimed to provide an opportunity to students to attend the React JS workshop, after learning the prerequisites as well as giving the student an opportunity to level up their software development skills.

Workshop Team: Raj Tiwary (BE Comps) Janhavi Patil (BE Comps) Atharva Deshmukh(TE COMPS) David Varghese (TE COMPS)


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