Web Development Workshop

The Web Development workshop was a 3 day workshop conducted on the 3th, 4th and 11th of september 2019, This was conducted as a participation of acm in the skill development week. The workshop was conducted by Sagar ,jovin and dheeraj.

3 Sept: HTML/CSS

the first day the students were introduced to the simple HTML tags and a few examples were also shown. after that They explained the need of using CSS, after which they went on to demonstrating and explaining the various tags and properties to the students, and the students were given time to experiment with both. at the end of the day the speaker explained the basics of programming and then went on to explain the basic concepts of JS by demonstration. The students were given time to practice the basics. in anticipation for the next day.

4 Sept: JAVA Script

the second day was on Java Script, the speaker showed the student how to use the <script>and </script> tag, innerHTML is an Element property in JS that is used to get or set the HTML or XML markup contained within the element. JavaScript can "display" data in different ways: like Writing into an HTML element, using innerHTML,Writing into the HTML output using document.write(), Writing into an alert box,using window.alert(),Writing into the browser console, using console.log(). the students were given time to experiment with the script tags and were also thought how to declare variables in JS.

11 Sept: MongoDB and PHP

the third day was conducted by jovin and dheeraj they explained the difference between NOSQL and SQL, and answered questions like where and why databases are used. they explained the Basics of mongoDB, and experimented with the different types of query statements. after every type of function the students were given time to practice and clear their doubts the second session was on PHP, here the speakers introduced the students to the concept of a web page and how html, php and databases are connected together. We will be sharing the document for installation of PHPMyAdmin and PHP with MySql and the installation of MongoDB PHP driver in Ubuntu.

The workshop was conducted successfully, it was a huge benefit for the third year students since it is a topic related to their current syllabus. Since this will help them with their MINI Project. We have given them an assignment to finish within a deadline.


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